Essential Holiday Housekeeping

Essential Holiday Housekeeping 18 June, 2018

You might be lucky enough to get away every year, but it’s always worth doing a little holiday house keeping in advance of your getaway to make sure you don’t get caught out when you get to the airport.

Here’s our Top 3 Essentials that you MUST check before jetting off…

1. Check Your Passport

It sounds so simple and obvious, but often people get all the details they need and forget to check the dates of validity.

At the moment for European and long haul holidays we are advising customers require a minimum of 6 month validity beyond your expected date of return.

It’s a simple check that could make or break your holiday.

2. Tourist Tax/Resort Fees

This is something is becoming more and more common throughout Europe and further afield. Many are a bit shocked and puzzled to arrive at hotel receptions and be asked to hand over extra cash. It is genuine and is mostly imposed by local governments to cover the their costs of areas heavily populated by tourists.

Generally speaking, you’ll be asked to pay €2 or €3 per person, per night. The aim of the tax is to reinvest it into these touristy areas to ensure the remain welcoming for those travelling from abroad.

If you normally wait until you get to your resort before exchanging currency, make sure you have some ready to hand for this tax/fee on your arrival. You won’t be able to check in until it’s paid.

3. Local Customs and Culture

It’s always important to remember that although you are on a lovely escape from the ordinary, there will still be many locals going about their day to day lives. We’re heading into their home towns/cities/countries where they may have their own traditions and things that are the norm in the UK, might not be as culturally acceptable at your holiday destination.

Make sure you check with us before completing your booking, or check the latest travel advice from the website.

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